Rich Media Success Formula

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Film, Movie & Advertising Success=(Environment + Artists + Digital Fx ..) x (Exclusive Unique Music + Exclusive Unique Image.)

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Music Track Technical Description

Ucmag music tracks include musics which are adaptable to modern music players, web players, music editors file formats such as ogg, mp3, wav

Alongside, mobile platforms of Windows 10, Android, Ios are supported .

Music Track formats

Music formats are included (Windows, Android & Mac )

Mpeg-3 (.mp3), Ogg (.ogg) Waveform Audio file Format (.wav)

  Music Formats



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Music Exclusive Unique Royalty Free,

Use in one end product, royalty free or commercial. Music Broadcast, Film Royalty Licence, an unlimited broadcast audience or a theatrically released film. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

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