Finance UI UX Icon Collection


Finance UI UX Icon Collection

Finance Icons contain a large amount of icons which allude to Financial shapes and elements such as Bank, Cheque, Credit Card..
Deliver awesome UI with the most complete Finance Icons for web, mobile and desktop applications

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Finance Icons contain a large amount of icons which allude to Financial shapes and elements such as Bank, Cheque, Credit Card..
Deliver awesome UI with the most complete Finance Icons for web, mobile and desktop applications

The Finance Icons  icon collection contains 216 unique design and unlimited adorner.

This lets you create and develop of different icons, resources for your web, mobile, hologram, self-drive cars, desktop or any other projects needs.

Listed below are the names of the Finance Icons;

Account Description, Account Groups, Address, Agenda Description, Agenda Groups, Agenda Levels, Agenda Reminder Types, Agenda Tags Right, Automation Pool, Automation To Invoice, Bank Account Flat, Bank Account Type, Bank Branch Card, Bank Card, Bank Cash, Bank Cash Income, Bank Cash Outgoing, Bank Definitions, Bank Eft Income, Bank Eft Outgoing, Bank Expense, Bank Expense Slip, Bank Income, Bank Income Expense, Bank Income Slip, Bank Transactions, Bank Wire Transfer Income, Bank Wire Transfer Outgoing, Basket Full, Blood Type, Borrow Loan, Borrow Slip, Branch, Cash Register, Cheque At Bank, Cheque At Customer, Cheque Bank Return, Cheque Bank Schedules, Cheque Books, Cheque Cancel, Cheque Card, Cheque Company Overdue, Cheque Giro, Cheque Giro Refund, Cheque Giro Return, Cheque In Payment, Cheque Incomes, Cheque Open Payment, Cheque Open Payment Add, Cheque Outgoing, Cheque Overdue, Cheque Paid, Cheque Payment, Cheque Payment Schedules, Cheque Portfolio, Cheque Portfolio Add, Cheque Portfolio Cancel, Cheque Portfolio Return, Cheque Portfolio Schedules, Cheque Promissory Management, Cheque Redirect, Cheque Refund, Cheque Safebox Refund, Cheque Schedules, Cheque To Bank, Cheque To Cash, Cheque Transactions, Cities Card, Clipboard, Collection Cash, Collection Cash New, Collection Cheque, Collection Cheque Bank, Collection Cheque Cash, Collection Cheque New, Collection Credit Card, Collection Credit Card New, Collection Promissory, Collection Promissory New, Collection Visa New, Company Activity Code, Company Activity Group, Company Classification, Company Group Categories 1, Company Group Classes, Company Group Classification, Company Groups, Company Groups 1, Company Grup Classification, Company Region, Company Sector, Company Title, Company Transaction Catalogue, Company Type, Contact Active User, Contact Detail, Countries Card, Credit Card Back, Credit Card Face, Credit To Invoice, Currencies, Customer Account, Customer Branch Contact, Customers, Customers Branch, Customers Contact, Customers Info, Detail Window, Device Capture, Digital Catalogue, District Card, Electronic Funds Transfer, Expense Accounts, Expense Bill, Expense Bill Schedule, Expense Refund Bill, Expense Services, Finance, Finance Card, Finance Cards, Finance Dashboard, Finance In Out, Finance Overview, Finance Plus One, Finance Transactions, Finance Welcome, General Definitions, General Descriptions, Hobbies, Home Chart, Id Types, Image Record, Income Accounts, Income Bill, Income Cheque, Income Expense, Income Expense Bill, Income Expense Transactions, Income Refund Bill, Income Services, Individual Definitions, Languages, Loan Slip, Location Cards, Location Definitions, Membership, Nationality, Occupations, Outgoing Cheque, Paste From Clipboard, Payment Cash Finance, Payment Cheque, Payment Cheque Open, Payment Credit Card Finance, Payment Definitions, Payment Income, Payment Outgoing, Payment Promissory, Payment Schedule, Payment Schedules, Payment Transfer, Person Company Tag, Person Company Tag Catalogue, Person Title, Pos Bank Collection, Pos Card, Pos Day Summaries, Pos Transactions, Promissory At Bank, Promissory Card, Promissory Company Overdue, Promissory Giro, Promissory Income, Promissory Incomes, Promissory Management, Promissory Outgoing, Promissory Outgoing 1, Promissory Overdue, Promissory Paid, Promissory Payment, Promissory Portfolio, Promissory Portfolio Add, Promissory Redirect, Promissory Refund, Promissory To Cash, Regions, Regions Card, Safe Box, Sale Points, Sale Points Name, Sales, Sales Branch, Sales Branch Contact, Sales Person Contact, Saller Man, Save And New, Scheduled Expense, Scheduled Income, Scheduled Money, Scheduled Pays, Sheduled Revenue, Street Card, Target Customer Branch, Target Customer Branch Contact, Target Customer Contact, Target Customer Info, Target Customers, Tax Description, To Invoice, Town Card, Transaction Catalogue, Video Media Record, Village Card, Warning, Waybill To Invoice, Wire Transfer

Product Overview

Grafile UI UX Icon Collection offers  developers and designers to build rich UI UX design Windows smart client user experience that incorporates UI UX design Icon collection, interface, menus, ribbon bars and toolbars  with professional next-generation icons through unified programming model.
Grafile UI UX Icon Collection include next-generation icons that have ease of integration to designs and graphic tool libraries. The icon collection is adaptable to Windows and Mac operating desktop systems alongside Windows Phone 10, Ios 4,5,6,7,8,9, Android 5,6 mobile platforms.

Technical Description

OS Systems;  UI UX Icon Collection include icons which are adaptable to Windows and Macintosh desktop operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Mac; Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan. Alongside, mobile platforms of Windows 10, Android, Ios are supported .
Icon Collection All your Software Development Projects As a developer you’ll be able to easily create professional UI/UX for your applications on all major operating systems, including 2d, 3d, Raster;

Windows Icons ICO, Xaml  file format for all version up to 768×768 for
Windows 10
MacOS Icons ICNS, RSC, BIN file formats for all version up to 1024×1024
for OSX 10.11 El Capitan
Unix PNG file format with alpha channel for all versions
Linux PNG file format with alpha channel for all UI elements (different
Android OS PNG file format with alpha channel for all UI elements (different
Windows Phone PNG, BMP file formats with alpha channel for all UI elements
(different sizes)
Game Engine (Unity, Unreal..) icons 3D File formats (*3D files extra price..)
Hologram (Hololens, HoloDevice..) 3D File formats (*3D files extra price..)

Icon Collection Graphics Raster formats

Icon Collection Raster Sizes included (Windows & Mac )

UI UX Icon Collection Raster Icons, Icon (.ico), Adobe Photoshop (.psd) Portable Network Graphics (.png), Jpeg (.jpg)

16 24 32 48 128 256 512 768
Bitmap 24 BPP
Bitmap 32 BPP

Icon Collection Mac Icon Sizes included

Icon Collection Mac Icon (.icns)

16 32 48 128 256 512 1024


UI UX Icon Collection Vector Sizes formats

UI UX Icon Collection Vector Files included (Windows & Mac )

UI UX Icon Collection Vector Files, Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Scalable Vector Graphics  (.svg), Microsoft Expression Design (.design), Extensible Application Markup Language (.Xaml)

Svg (Svg 1.1 and Web Optimize)
Xaml ( Silverlight 3 Canvas, Silverligth 4 WPF Canvas, WPF Resource
Dictionary )

Technology & Education Partnerships


About Ismek

ISMEK, the Art and Vocational Training courses by the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, is a mass education organization, which has been founded in order to:

Increase the personal knowledge of Istanbulians
Improve their vocational and artistic perceptions
Equip them with the urban c ulture and increase their awareness about living in a metropolitan
Help them be actively included in production processes as opposed to simply being consumers
Contribute to their efforts to have an income
Increase their chances of employability
Etc. And is a complementary to formal education.

Web https://ismek.ist/eng/default.aspx


About Kosgeb

(Small Industry Development Center), which was established in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the form of a pilot project in Gaziantep in 1973 within the frame of the International Treaty between the Government of Republic of Turkey and United Nations Industrial Development Organization, started providing service with community facility workshops for the small –scale industrial enterprises.

Web http://en.kosgeb.gov.tr/


Developer or Software Company Licence Information

Grafile Royalty Free Licence

Publisher or Broadcaster Licence Information

Grafile Broadcast Licence


Flat Icon, Flat Icons, Icon, Graphic, Raster, Interface, Ico, Icns, Png, Gif, Ai, Fla, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Interface, Graphic, Design, XAML Silverlight 3 Canvas, XAML WPF Resource Dictionary, XAML Silverlight 4/WPF Canvas, XAML, Expression Design, WPF, Silverlight 5 Ria, RIA, Rich Interface Application, Rich Internet Application, Natural User Interface, GUI, UX



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